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Vimbai Zimuto releases new video

By Talent Gore Arts

Netherlands-based songstress Vimbai Zimuto, who was under fire in March for posting nude pictures, has released a new musical video.

Titled “Ndaneta”, the video reminds people of her ‘‘nude art’’ with some lewd scenes.

The latest visuals are close to one of her videos “Hapana Kwaunoenda” with scenes which left tongues wagging.

Zimuto said she drew inspiration from how people nowadays are longing to be loved.

“Many people are in relationships waiting for their partners to change, to give them attention and love, but that is not happening,” she said.

“Love is painful if you’re stuck in the wrong relationship.” When she released “Hapana Kwaunoenda”, she was criticised for what was described as indecency.

Zimuto, however, said she remains unfazed as there are some, especially women, who are showing her love.

“I am shocked by the number of women who’ve shown support for my videos. To those who criticise, I’m not bothered,” she said. Zimuto described her nudes as a form of art and said she is not apologetic.

In recent weeks, she seems to have toned down on nudity, posting pictures in lingerie, unlike the previous ones in which she was completely nude.

As if to market her new video, the musician was back to her nudity yesterday; posting a picture on social media which exposes her body, while kneeling down on a beach.

Zimuto previously teased people with a series of nude pictures as a way of promoting the “Vasikana Vese” video raising hopes that nude scenes will appear, but it came out with the singer fully clothed.

The “Ndaneta” video is captioned: “I am tired of waiting for your love, you will find me gone. I love you, but I love you enough to leave you.” The Herald