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Zimdancehall musician resists maintenance review

By Tinotenda Chatikobo

Unheralded Zimdancehall musician, Burning Fire – real name Chrispen Muza – has appeared in court where his ex-wife was seeking a maintenance review.

File picture of Harare Civil Courts
File picture of Harare Civil Courts

Burning Fire was dragged to the Harare Civil Court by Josephine Mafire who applied for an upward variation on the $50 initially granted by the court.

Mafire argued that prices of basic commodities have gone up and asked the court to review the figure to $150.

Mafire accused Muza of child neglect.

“We have one child together with Muza and he is failing to take care of his child.

“I applied for upward variation because everything has gone up, including school fees for the child.

“He is a musician and he earns about $300 per month and he is also hired by several churches playing keyboards earning from that as well.

“I am pleading with court to grant my application because I have a condition and I am not able to work for myself,” said Mafire.

The Glen View-based entertainer denied the application saying he has other responsibilities, including five other children.

“I have five children that I am taking care of Your Worship $130 for only one child is too much for me.

“I am also taking care of my mother. I don’t earn more than $50 because I don’t perform at shows every day but I perform once or twice a month,” he said

Presiding magistrate Gladys Moyo ordered Muza to pay $65 and ordered him to work harder. H-Metro