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Millionaire Frank Buyanga in messy custody fight with ‘baby mama’

By Staff Reporter

Millionaire African Medallion Group founder Frank Buyanga is embroiled in a messy custody fight with his 31-year-old ex-girlfriend Chantelle Muteswa according to court documents seen.

Frank Buyanga
Frank Buyanga

On Tuesday Buyanga reportedly applied for an ex parte order that would allow him extended custody of their four-year-old son Daniel Sadiqi after Muteswa allegedly defied a court order.

Its alleged Muteswa is refusing to hand over their minor child’s passport to enable Buyanga to travel with his son to South Africa. According to court documents Buyanga submitted that;

“The applicant has made an ex-parte application for temporary custody of the minor child…. after exercising his rights of access to the minor, he attempted to take back the child to the respondent.

“However, the respondent was not there to collect him. It is his belief that the respondent could be hiding since they reported her to the police for contempt of court after she refused to release the passport of the minor.

“Accordingly the respondent is sentenced to 60 days imprisonment until full compliance with the order of court granted on the 17th of April 2019 under case number CCA 205/18.

“Provided the term of imprisonment shall be wholly suspended on condition of the respondent fully complying with the order of the court granted on 17 April 2019 under case number CCA 205/18, this order shall itself constitute and serve as a warrant for the arrest and detention of the respondent.

“The respondent be and is hereby ordered to pay costs of this application at the highest scale as between legal practitioner and client,” read the draft order.

In a statement submitted to Borrowdale police station on Friday, Buyanga said;

“I had tried to have access to my child, especially on holidays, but the accused person could not allow me access..

“I had sought court intervention under case number CCA205/18 (and) granted right… on the 11th of January that… (Muteswa) was ordered to release the minor’s passport to me when I intend to have access to him,” he said.