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Businessman’s death opens can of worms

The sudden death of Mirirai Driving School proprietor, Washington Jekanyika (35), who died in unclear circumstances last Saturday has been the mainstay of public discourse in Mutare over the past week.

Washington Jekanyika
Washington Jekanyika

When news broke out about his passing on, overtones of murder quickly spread with reports that he allegedly succumbed to injuries he sustained during a fight with bouncers at a local night spot.

It later turned out that, apart from the nightclub brawl, the dreadlocked businessman was alleged to have jumped from a moving car in an apparent altercation with a mistresses.

He was said to have sustained some injuries from this incident.

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Others said some hours before he was pronounced dead at Eland Private Hospital, Jekanyika had started behaving weirdly.

They said he complained of being tortured by unseen snakes which were biting him all over the body.

This was followed by a nasty road show in which he was alleged to have caused mayhem at several food outlets in the Central Business District by exhibiting rowdy behaviour.

Those who witnessed the drama said his behaviour was shocking.

“I saw him at a food outlet and he was complaining that snakes were tormenting him. He was writhing in pain. He looked so disturbed and as a person whose character was controversial we did not mind him. I heard that he went to another night spot (name withheld) terrorising patrons who then teamed up to beat him,” said one resident who requested anonymity.

Another said: “A day before he passed on he was involved in a scuffle near a night club because of money issues. We heard that he was refusing to give the people he owed their dues. He tried to retaliate but they beat him up and vanished. He was looking confused and was wearing a boxer short.”

Deputy Manicaland police spokesman, Assistant Inspector Luxon Chananda, said the controversial businessman was involved in an assault case prior to his admittance at the private hospital.

“We are yet to ascertain if the death was caused by the assault he was involved in. We have also gathered that he jumped from a moving car last night,” he said.

Homicide detectives said they were still waiting for post mortem results from a pathologist in Harare. The pathologist was said to have requested a full X-ray in order to do the post mortem.

Social media platforms were awash with the death of the businessman. While some grieved about his death, others wrote about the fortunes they claimed to have fraudulently lost to the controversial businessman.

They said no one cherishes the passing on of a person but his deeds must be exposed so that the living would not copy bad characters.

Mathew Mundondo: “Mirirai waivhara guys. Just last week akatora ma bond paSakunda achiti ane ecocash ndobva atiza. Akavhara muface wangu aitenga chassis ye UD 90 iye kwaku forger mapapers kuti atenga UD90 truck. Kungoti wafa wanaka asi mabasa ake amutevera.”

Elias Bhasopo: “Bible says we’re not perfect, we all sin, do not judge for you will be judged, John 14 Vs 1. Shame my condolences, very sorry family and friends tochema netariro. Hatina musha panyika tinotsvaga mushaunouya muparidzi 3 vs 1 chimwe nechimwe chinenguwa yacho pasipezuva, kunyangwe vanoti vakabirwa vakarohwa hamurarame nekuda kwekuti makatadzirwa munhu wese nguwa inokwana zvisinei nepauri. Shoko rinoti chemai nevanochema farai nevanofara, tichasangana kudenga tinozviziva kuti waitida nesuwo taikuda tichasangana ikoko muridzi weruva atanha Jobho anoreva saizvozvo.”

Tapiwa Justice Nyauchi: “We have a case against him. This dude forged papers kuti we owed him $115,000. He forged papers saying a certain guy from Chiredzi had sold him his Toyota D4D. Bambo Ree nyararai hapana chamuri kuziya.”

Luke Mafere: “This guy once pushed and hackled me ndina madam. ofcse my retaliation was hard on him minutes later. Downright hooligan, disrespectful and extremely uncouth of an individual. Apa I am not giving my condolences.”

Aaron Chemvura: “His rags to riches story did not inspire anyone as the rags followed him everywhere especially in his social life. He was always involved in one scandal after another and typical of his shoddy dealings, he was convinced money can buy you anything but sadly for him it didn’t buy common sense.”

Aaron Chimanikire: “From what The Manica Post has written about this man, the headline should be ‘Mutare conman murdered?'”

Gwinyai Shoko: “Hapana angafarira kufa kweumwe but vaakabira akavarwadzisawo futi. Dai akatongwa nyaya dzake asati afa. Matare edu ane problem yekunonoka kupedzera vanhu nyaya. Iya ya Masekesa yaakutokanganikwa. Manica Post yozonyora futi umwe afa.” Manica Post