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New film explores human trafficking

By Rebecca Kabaya

A new film that sheds light on human trafficking titled “Boundaries Within” is set to première at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe on April 27.

Part of the ‘Boundaries Within’ castThe film was written and directed by Annie Bridget Paradza, who says they did the movie because of continuous reports of Zimbabwean women being lured to different countries through human trafficking.

“In the film we follow the life of a young lady named Faith who lives in a high density suburb. Because of poverty and other problems at home, Faith desperately searches for a job and is unknowingly lured into human trafficking together with other four ladies,” she said.

Part of the ‘Boundaries Within’ cast

“We want people, especially the women and girls in high school and universities, to know that as the most vulnerable they should be aware of human trafficking,” she said Paradza said in the past few years she has been moved by the increase of girls who are being lured by offers of greener pastures outside the country and are manipulated because of their situations.

SAP co-founder Simbarashe Mhandu

“Some people who are heartless are taking women and young girls outside the country with fake promises of jobs and when they get there, they are subjected to different forms of abuse which include sexual and emotional,” she said.

Paradza said perpetrators are preying on people’s desperation and she is anticipating to work with organisations that deal with human trafficking to try to curb and eventually eradicate the evil that has troubled Zimbabwe.

The 95-minute production is a low budget film that is meant to deliver the basic point about human trafficking and ensure that people get awareness on the issue. The Herald