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Mavhaire testifies against ZPC boss

By Zvikomborero Parafini

Former Minister of Energy, Dzikamai Mavhaire yesterday testified in the ongoing trial of ex Zimbabwe Power Company boss, who is facing charges of concealing a personal interest in a transaction from his principal.

Dzikamai Mavhaire
Dzikamai Mavhaire

Stanley Kazhanje is alleged to have received a bribe of $10 000 from businessman Wicknell Chivayo.

The State led by Brian Vito of the special unit prosecution continued its case by calling the evidence the Mavhaire.

In his defense, Kazhanje told the court that he declared conflict of interest to the then Minister Mavhaire.

Mavhaire told Harare regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya that he was not aware of any issues regarding the awarding of the Gwanda Solar Project tender to Chivayo’s company Intratek.

“Nobody had been awarded a tender during my term of office but discussions of where to place the solar project were on going to curb power shortages but I was kicked out before the job was done.

“After his appointment as board chairman for ZPC, he never declared any conflict of interest to me as minister, and I had never met him alone, it was always in the presence of my deputy minister and perm sec.

“The ministry can provide minutes of the particular meeting in which he claims to have declared conflict of interest to me,” said Mavhaire.

In cross examination, Advocate Sylvester Hashiti representing Kazhanje asked Mavhaire if he remembered the companies that participated in the tender and he said no.

“You can’t remember the companies who participated but you are purporting to remember that he never declared conflict of interest to you as a minister, he mentioned to you that in his past life he had dealt with Intratek as an engineer.

“In any case, the CIO who vetted his papers would have picked up any interest because he is just a director at Terminal Engineer and disclosing it would have sufficed as declaration,” said Hashiti. H-Metro