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Charlie Kay interview: From Vimbai to Gemma

Its a journey that began with Vimbai and is now with Gemma. Charlie Kay joins us to talk about his journey. Did you see things unfolding the way they have?

Charlie Kay: Wow, it feels just like yesterday when Vimbai first came out. It has been an incredible journey and l can certainly say I never saw it unfold the way it did. As a creative I have only grown from strength to strength and can only say there is still a lot more to come from me.

Tell us about the collaboration with Gemma. What is the song about?

Charlie Kay: A major thanks to the lovely Taponeswa who introduced me to Gemma. I remember vividly seeing her perform for the first time in London.

She took of her shoes before her performance, signifying her identity as an African. Then she sang her first few lines as she played the piano, I immediately fell in love with her voice.

Fast forward a few months later , I got her in the studio in London and “Murudo” was the result.

“Murudo” is all about the power of love. Through tribulations and all the trials that come in our lives and especially in our relationships , love will always conquer it all.

You are also a producer, songwriter and club DJ. You certainly wear many hats?

Charlie Kay: As a creative l try to not limit myself to one specification. So yes , I’m a music producer , songwriter and also a director, which is not known to a lot of people.

It always helps wearing many hats in the music and entertainment industry.

You were enrolled at the College of Music at the age of 5. You been in the musical trenches for some time now?

Charlie Kay: From a young tender age , I was blessed with a musical gift which my parents took notice of. Henceforth they sent me to Zimbabwe College of Music when I was about 5.

Throughout my life , that gift has been nurtured and developed.

It saw me grow through the College of Music in Cambridge and later on move to London where I studied Music Production and Business at the University Of Westminster.

Even up to now I still am growing as an artist and a creative. Just recently finished a course in Film Production in Birmingham, trust me I don’t sleep a lot, thank God for coffee.

As Charlie Kay what are you aiming for? Whats the ultimate vision?

Charlie Kay: As Charlie Kay the artist , I hope to achieve and surpass the amazing African talents such as Davido and Wizkid and take my stage to the World.

It’s a big dream I know hey , but I am a huge in what’s meant to be will be, God willing and a little bit of hard work. On the other side as Charlie Kay the creative , I’m all about empowerment.

I formed and still developing a Music label called Inkredible Muzik which all my music is released through. I hope to build a music and entertainment Empire with a vision to educate and especially empower the young African child through music.

I believe there is so much unheard talent and wish to provide a platform which young creatives can aspire to make a difference.

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