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Utilising former players

By Zenzo Moyo

Football is growing fast and we need to have the right people in the right places. Clubs can utilise on relationships that they have with former players.

Johannes Ngodzo
Johannes Ngodzo

Coaches don’t have to find threat from engaging former players to come and demonstrate or have one-on-ones with players, kodwa thina kasilisebenzisi ithuba (we don’t use that opportunity).

Coaches should get a guy who has been there, done this and that in his playing days abuye azosiza (so he comes to help).

Take for example when you have a problem in the midfield department and you have a household name at your doorstep, for example Ronald Sibanda and Johannes Ngodzo, who were arguably the best ball passers the country has ever produced.

It’s just a matter of swallowing your pride and ego and invite them for a few minutes at your session and they will definitely add value, but sibabona engathi yizitha (we see former players as enemies).

There are other avenues that can be taught by a former player who went through drugs, crime and gangs that can help current players who are abusing “bronco, abanye ingoma”.

Talking from a personal standpoint you find people who don’t have a football background coming to divide and make camps of hate in football circles. Along the way some guys are being brainwashed.

Let’s take a leaf from Manchester United in the UK where Ole Gunna Solkskjaer invites former players to come to his training sessions to motivate the team.

“Thina sodwa singasukumisana, hayi ukukhangelelana phansi (we can uplift each other, not to look down upon each other). With the gap, the parasites of the game will come in between us.

To former players, I say it doesn’t mean the team you played for should be the one you are involved with. Go somewhere else and grow. God works in mysterious ways and creates opportunities.

Without fear or favour I will be telling it as it is. Stay blessed until next week. Sunday News