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Mwonzora on the ropes

By Staff Reporter

The presidential ambitions of MDC Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora appear to be sinking like the Titanic after the incumbent Nelson Chamisa bagged six nominations from six provinces that have so far conducted their congresses. The MDC elective Congress is set for May 24 to 26.

Douglas Mwonzora
Douglas Mwonzora

Chamisa has secured the backing of Matabeleland North and South, United States of America, Midlands and Mashonaland West. The party has a total of 13 provinces.

South Africa, the United Kingdom, Manicaland, Masvingo, Bulawayo, Midlands and Mashonaland Central are still to complete their own congresses and nominations.

Not everyone though is happy with the manner in which the elections are being conducted with those taking part being forced to raise their hands. This critics say is meant to allow violence and intimidation to sway people into voting for the incumbent or face persecution afterwards.

Voting for provincial elections is via secret ballot but once these are done, the actual nominations by the province for national positions is done by a show of hands. 

Party spokesman Jacob Mafume is quoted saying “We have just finished Mashonaland West and the process went on very well…. (it) does not mean the end for those who have not been nominated because one simply needs one nomination to contest so as it is it’s still game on.”

The consolation for Mwonzora is that Matabeleland South nominated him for the position of Secretary General, already his current position. He is likely to face Hwende who has already bagged 4 out of 6 provinces so far. Hwende is kay Chamisa ally and seen as the front runner for the post.

MDC provincial elections in the Midlands
MDC provincial elections in the Midlands
MDC provincial elections in the Midlands
MDC provincial elections in the Midlands
MDC provincial elections in the Midlands
MDC provincial elections in the Midlands
MDC provincial elections in the Midlands
MDC provincial elections in the Midlands

In a statement issued on Saturday Mafume said; “The MDC has completed six Provincial Congresses with structures electing Provincial leaders and nominating National leaders.

“The Process involves all three wings of the party including the Women and Youth Assemblies. Structures of the party are traveling from different corners of their Provinces to a single centre where elections are conducted.

“The process has been smooth in North America, Matabeleland South, Matabeleland North, Midlands, Mashonaland West and Mashonaland East. Today the same process will take place in respect of Mashonaland Central,” Mafume added. Nehanda Radio

Mashonaland East nominations

President – Nelson Chamisa
Vice Presidents- Tracy Mutinhiri, Morgen Komichi, Tendai Biti
Secretary General- Chalton Hwende
Deputy SG – Chinanzvavana
Treasurer – David Coltart
Deputy Treasurer – Kureva
Organiser – Amos Chibaya
Deputy Organiser – Mtingwende
Information- Jacob Mafume
Deputy Information – Luke Tamborinyoka

Mat South nominations

President: Nelson Chamisa
Vice: Morgen Komichi, Tendai Biti, Welshman Ncube
Chair: Tabitha Khumalo
Vice Chair: Happymore Chidziva
SG: Douglas Mwonzora
Dep SG: Settlement Chikwinya
Treasurer: Tapiwa Mashakada
Deputy Treasurer: Rusty Makam
Organ: Amos Chibaya
Vice: Morgan Ncube
Information: Jacob Mafume

Mat North nominations

President- Nelson Chamisa
Vice Presidents: Welshman Ncube, Morgen Komichi, Tendai Biti
Chair – Gabuza
Vice Chair – Costa Machingauta
SG – Daniel Molokele
DSG – Settlement Chikwinya
TG – Tabitha Khumalo
DTG – Gift Banda
Spokes – Jacob Mafume
D.spokes – Brian Dube
Organ- Amos Chibaya
D Organ – Morgan Ncube

Midlands nominations

President: Nelson Chamisa
VP: Lilian Timveos
VP: Morgen Komichi
VP: Tendai Biti
Chairperson- Thabitha Khumalo
Deputy Chair- Happymore Chidziva
SG: Chalton Hwende
DSG: Settlement Chikwinya
Treasurer: Tapiwa Mashakada
DTG: Gift Banda
Organising Secretary: Amos Chibaya
Dep Organ: Morgan Ncube
Information: Jacob Mafume
Deputy Info: Brian Dube

Mashwest nominations

Pres Nelson Chamisa
VP – Komichi, Biti, Mpariwa
Chair : Tabitha Khumalo
VC: Happymore Chidziva
SG: Chalton Hwende
Organ : Amos Chibaya
Dept Org: Morgan Ncube
TG: David Coltart
Infor : Luke Tamborinyoka
D. Spokes

North America nominations

President: Nelson Chamisa
Vice President: Morgen Komichi, Welshman Ncube, Lilian Timveos
Chairperson: Tabitha Khumalo
Deputy Chair: Happymore Chidziva
Secretary General: Chalton Hwende
Deputy SG: Settlement Chikwinya
Treasurer: David Coltart
Deputy: M Rusty
Organising Secretary: Amos Chibaya
Deputy Organising: Morgen Ncube
Information: Jacob Mafume
Deputy Information: Luke Tamborinyoka