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Olinda remains focused

By Blessing Masakadza

Songstress Olinda Marowa-Ziwenga, pictured, is not letting her personal bereavement affect her singing career as she continues to release more music.

Pastor Olinda Marowa Ziwenga
Pastor Olinda Marowa Ziwenga

Olinda has soldiered on following the loss of her husband and manager Michael Ziwenga, hence becoming an example to other women on how to overcome grief.

While the death of a spouse would be the end for others, she has remained focused and continues to be included in a number of gospel shows.

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Olinda is regarded as one of the best dressed women in gospel music industry, with a great sense of fashion.

So far this year, she has dropped two beautiful videos which have been embraced by her legion of fans as a precursor to her forthcoming album.

“I released 2 videos for my single Tichengeteiwo and Moyo Wangu which is the title track for my fourth album. Tichengeteiwo is a prayer song asking God to protect us in our day-to-day lives, that He blesses the works of our hands, our wealth not to get destroyed. Moyo Wangu is a song talking about how I yearn to have the same heart as Christ,” she said.

She said she will be pursuing the videos route with another production set for April.

“I’m also working on another video for my single Zvandiri which came out late last year. The video will be ready by April. The song talks about how God loves us regardless of our stature or who we are or what we do. He does not look at our outward appearances, how ugly or beautiful we appear, He loves us as we are,” she said.

The Ndinouya Baba singer has promised her followers more music, saying an album is on its way and will be released mid-year. She said she will be engaging different producers for the project which will feature artistes from outside the country.

“An eight-track album is coming and the name is yet to be disclosed. On the album I’m engaging different producers such as Macdee Chidavaenzi, Lyton Ngolomi, Oskid and Gibson Makumbe.

“I’m going to feature other artistes both local and international. The album will be released mid-year. We shall be making the details available as time goes on,” she said.

Her song, Tichengeteiwo is a prayer to protect miners and the travelling public.

“The idea is to have a message people can relate to. For example, Tichengeteiwo is a prayer that as we work under mines God protects us; provides safety and protection as we travel on the roads. I also spoke of those in Diaspora so they receive protection from God,” she said.

Last year, she also worked with musician Mathias Mhere, featuring on his album Panogara Nyasha. This year again they have begun working together with the songs still in the pipeline. DailyNews