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Man loses paternity case

By Lisa Mangena

A man from Bulawayo was on Friday ordered to continue paying maintenance after paternity tests proved that he was the father of a seven-week-old child.

Mr Kidwell Sigauke doubted that he sired a son with Ms Muchaneta Mpofu.

Mr Sigauke in February paid $50 as maintenance for the minor and he asked the magistrate, Mr Tinashe Tashaya, for paternity tests to be conducted as he doubted that the child was his.

Tests revealed he was the father and Ms Sigauke demanded that money for maintenance be varied from $50 to $150.

“Sigauke left me while l was pregnant. I tried contacting him on his phone but he had blocked my number. I later had a boyfriend but l was already pregnant when l met the new man.

“I don’t want anything but his support for our son,” said Ms Mpofu.

Mr Sigauke said he was right to doubt the child’s paternity because his relationship with Ms Mpofu ended before he even knew she was pregnant.

“I had my doubts when she told her workmates that she was pregnant but it was not mine and we had gone for months without being intimate.

“Now that the paternity results are out and l’m the father I will give her the money she wants to help her take care of our child,” he said.

The magistrate ordered Mr Sigauke to pay $150 as maintenance into Ms Mpofu’s account with effect from the end of the month until the child turns 18 or is able to take care of himself. The Chronicle

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