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Chiyangwa urges people to follow God

Legislator Phillip Chiyangwa has implored people to seek God’s ways in their lives.

Phillip Chiyangwa in apostolic white robes
Phillip Chiyangwa in apostolic white robes

The Zvimba South Member of Parliament made the comments following the circulation of his picture clad in apostolic regalia on social media. In the picture, he was with Madzibaba Bond at a shrine in Chitungwiza, Unit N, near Zvido Shopping Centre.

Chiyangwa took to Facebook to register his dismay with some people who seemed to look in the negative how he was donning white garments worn at Johane Masowe YeChishanu saying there was nothing wrong in being religious.

“Kuziva MWARI chinhu chakanaka (Having a relationship with God is a good thing).

“Hanzi hee mudhara munotowanikwa paFacebook, hee mudhara munotopinda postori (People have always questioned me of being on Facebook and going to an apostolic church),” he wrote.

He urged people to work hard while in the presence of the Lord.

“Let’s work hard tibudirire muupenyu (We should work hard to succeed). I need loyal people and true friends who care around me only.

“Kana what I do zvisingakufadze feel free kurova pasi.

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“I help a lot of people zvimwe ndinokwanisa zvimwe handikwanise. If you need help I’m an open person feel free kuti mudhara this n that #APA HAUNA CASH #DZUNGU ndokuroya,” Chiyangwa wrote.

Madzibaba Bond – real name Bornservia Gumira – said it was appalling that people were still castigating other people for knowing God.

“It is worrying really, that people can go to town saying Mudhara Chiyangwa has attended church.

“What is wrong with attending church? Some people really need deliverance,” said Madzibaba Bond who leads the Unit N apostolic sect.

Madzibaba Bond said people should rejoice that their leaders know God.

“It should be something to cherish about when you have leaders who know God. Chiyangwa’s attendance of church at our shrine should be something people should emulate. He is rich but he finds time for God,” said Madzibaba Bond in an interview with H-Metro. H-Metro