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‘Resurrection’ girl finally buried

By Tatenda Chipungudzanye

The girl, who was claimed to be alive by false prophets and had her burial deferred, was laid to rest yesterday after being kept overnight.

Dephine Mutemeri
Dephine Mutemeri

Deaphen Mutemeri, 17, was laid to rest at Granville Cemetery yesterday.

Chaos ensued on Wednesday when the prophetesses claimed she would come to life.

The prophetesses and another prophet have since disappeared after the shameful act.

The two prophetesses during their first attempt to raise Deaphen from the dead

A police insider said police wanted the three to furnish them with information pertaining to their claims that the dead girl would come back to life.

Two prophetesses from Highfield followed the funeral procession on Wednesday and claimed that the girl was not dead.

The deceased’s relatives were divided with some believing the prophetesses and others insisting on burying.

The burial was then postponed to pave way for the two prophetesses and another prophet who joined them later as the task became Herculean.

“These prophets were not real.

“They spent the whole night sprinkling water everywhere and on people as they conducted prayers saying Deaphen would come back to life.

“At one time they disappeared and resurfaced in the company of a male prophet but it all failed.

“Imagine the whole night listening to three people and all the expenses incurred,” said a family member.

The family member said they incurred extra costs of feeding mourners for the extra day and also at the funeral parlour. H-Metro