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Uebert Angel challenges church members: “what are you doing for your parents?” – VIDEO

By Staff Reporter

Spirit Embassy: GoodNews Church founder Prophet Uebert Angel who rose to prominence on the back of the “Prosperity Gospel” has gone against the grain of what many flamboyant modern day prophets preach, challenging his congregants to look after their parents financially.

In a stinging and blunt sermon at his church in London, Angel asked, “what are you doing for your parents? What money did you send to your mother? Yes you tithe, for those who tithe, Yes you give offerings, but what are your parents surviving on?

“You are the one sitting there. When last did you call your mother and say I want to give you money? Your grandmother, ok your mother works I understand but can she not get something from you? The money you have you spend on a boyfriend who will never marry you, you are buying love!

“Parties everyday, every week you are at a party somewhere. Outfit upon outfit that no one knows. Its not even nice, you are the only one convinced it is nice. You make sure your hair is well done, your hair is good. Your mother, she has to wear a hat to cover her own because she knows I can’t keep it

“And you tell yourself you are a Christian? Christianity is the manifestation of God that is inside of your heart on the earthly realm. When you experience it and you now show it out there, thats Christianity. I don’t care your father is 40, 50, 60 and he is working, he needs to know there is a daughter, a son somewhere who is helping something. But I don’t have money its not enough.

“The Bible says honour your father and mother so that your days can be long. You say I want to live long man of God, pray for me for longevity, No, God said there is a quicker one, it does not need prayer, that one is definite, whether you like your father, hate your father, this one is definite. You want to purchase years, send your mother money, You are purchasing years, I’m telling you.”