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Govt allays Burma Valley flooding fears

By Cletus Mushanawani

Government has allayed flooding fears in Burma Valley following social media reports that Manyera Dam wall had weakened and could give in to the high volume of water.

Burma Valley, Zimbabwe
Burma Valley, Zimbabwe

Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister July Moyo said engineers from the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement visited Manyera Dam following the reports that it was about to give in to the high volume of water.

About 37 families staying on the downstream of the dam were reported to be at risk.

“We gathered that part of the dam wall was damaged, but reports indicate that water levels are now going down.

“We are now in discussion with people responsible for planning and resettlement to organise that the families staying in the downstream area of the dam are moved upstream. Anything can happen in future and it is important to take the necessary precaution measures,” he said.

When The Herald visited Manyera Dam yesterday, some of the villagers were milling around the dam wall after receiving reports that the wall was about to collapse.

Mr Edward Nyamhunga who stays about 20 metres from the dam wall said they had been receiving calls from all over the country and even from neighbouring countries with people enquiring about the development.

“Yes, water levels have been very high in the dam. I have never witnessed the high volume of water in the dam during my about 20-year stay in this area. The volume of water that was gushing at the spillway was very high and it damaged the road to Chalgrove Farm where there are A-1 farmers settled there.

“People raised alarm after part of the dam wall at the spillway was washed away last week.

“Zimbabwe National Water Authority engineers were here last Friday and they never raised any red flag about our safety,” he said.

A resettled farmer, Mr Edward Jombo, said: “People should not be reckless on the social media. There was panic all over with people enquiring about our safety. We are here at the dam to get a clear picture of the state of the dam wall. To me, it looks intact.”

A dam at Brown Farm in Burma Valley was affected by the floods. The Herald