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Wired for Something Part 2 – with Yaya Rudo

By Yaya Rudo

A good number of people including a long lost friend from primary school got in touch trying to figure out what became of me after so many doors were slammed in my face as a youngster.

Yaya Rudo
Yaya Rudo

I must say it was a lot easier for me to accept failure and rejection as a naive and overzealous youth than it is now as an adult with responsibilities. I have no doubt a lot of you out there have experienced some form of helplessness when rejection came at critical adult life stations.

Everyone has that something that they are good at. In so many cases it shows when the children are young and parents have the responsibility to nature and grow it. Please note that I deliberately avoided terms like “things you are passionate about” or “things you like”. I am sticking to the term –things you are good at deliberately because you might be passionate about singing but not good at it, at all. What you are wired for is linked to what you are good at.

Decades later I am still not in a big feature film but I found what I am wired for. Look how good I look behind this column! I am a creative. I am a story teller, I write, I teach and I act, just not in Hollywood – yet! What is shocking is that, what I am wired for was right there all along. Let me give you a quick rundown but there is more behind the scenes:

When playing house I was the kid with the chalk and homemade writing boards. At the age of 5, I dragged my mother to the Sunday School Teacher who had given me the shortest verse to memorise; I wanted a longer verse just like the grade 7 kids. In grade 4 mama would ask me to write down her preaching notes.  In grade 3 or 4 my older sister who was at a teacher training college said I wrote my compositions like a grade 6.In grade 5 I wrote a play for World Health Day and begged my friends Jessica Savanhu, Enia Maunga and Olinda Karichi(late) to be the actors it was a hit! In grade 4 or 5 we wrote the composition “The day everything went wrong”. My teacher interrogated me for days because she thought someone had written it for me or I had copied older siblings. It was right there!

I love and enjoy what I do now but more importantly I have this strong sense that I am doing what I am meant to do. Regardless of the roller-coaster life you have had you too are wired for something. 

It really does not matter what type of lemons life threw at you. Maybe you had no say in the mess you find yourself in today. Maybe you are an innocent soul bound by other people’s poor decisions and lack of wisdom. Could it be you were betrayed and hurt by people you trusted. Is it that you did not have a great start at school, a career or marriage? You probably feel like you do not really belong and you are settling for mediocrity. The good news is that with all that pain and disappointment you can still become a Lemonade Maker. You are wired for something special. What you are wired for is in you, it is anchored in who you are. What you are wired for survives all challenges. The trick really is to keep moving forward and not focus on the negative experiences or what you lost.   

With all that has happened, you are still wired for something. There is something that you are good at, it just comes naturally you were born for it. It might have taken me a life time of rejection but boy am I glad I finally figured out what I’m wired for. Lemonade Makers are deliberate about growing. Use your bounce-back muscle and learn the ability to laugh at yourself. Just because someone said NO does not mean the whole world said NO. Self pity parties do not prepare you for what you are wired for. They are exhausting and draining. Commit to staying on the move because that which you are wired for will only find you when you are moving.  

I raise my glass to Lemonade Makers who continue to move in order to find what they are wired for. 

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