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Businesspeople who invested in football

By Zenzo ‘Zemura’ Moyo

The development of the game cannot be complete without mentioning people who invested in the game, the likes of Delma Lupepe (AmaZulu), Tawanda Ruzive (Quelaton), Gift Banda and Isiah Shoniwa (Njube Sundowns), Omega Sibanda (FC Windermere), Eric Rosen (Motor Action), Methembe Ndlovu (Bantu rovers) just to mention a few.

Methembe Ndlovu
Methembe Ndlovu

The mentioned business heroes had the passion for the game and a vision beyond. They should be applauded for the sacrifice and commitment they had to the game using money that was otherwise for their family upkeep.

The standards that these individuals raised in the local game, for example Lupepe, who was the first to sign a player for Z$1 million had never been seen before and ushered a new era in local football. I would remove a cap and in respect for him. EsiNdebeleni umuntu kabongwa ephila, kodwa mina ngiyabonga laba abantu (In Ndebele culture you only thank someone when they are dead, but I want to thank them while they are still alive).

Some of these heroes really deserve some of the seats in the football place. But I wish more could be done for them. Some can see sponsoring a team as a waste of money but there are lives being saved. Football reduces crime, drug addicts and creates job opportunities, not forgetting that it brings the society together.

The critics didn’t support these projects thinking this was against the so called big clubs. What made these teams to be successful back them was that unlike now, we did not have too many camps in football that seek to politicise everything said and done.

These days, whoever wants to contribute to the game is being labelled “umuntu kabani” (put in a certain camp). We should learn to unite with a common cause in this region and we can go far. A lesson should be taken from other regions who have lots of players in the Absa Premier League where as in our region is near to the Absa league, and another added advantage is language similarities with South Africa.

But for a player from our region to go to South Africa he has to go through other regions because of bad mouthing each other by our own people. We are killing talent that the region has. Once again I would like to wish the Warriors and Young Warriors (who played on Friday) best of luck in their encounters against Congo and Mozambique.

Stay blessed till next week, I will be telling it like it is without fear or favour. Sunday News.