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No money in Bulawayo ..Magesh explain relocation to Harare

By Tonderai Zvimba

Award-winning Bulawayo dance group, Magesh, last year November relocated to Harare in search of greener pastures, claiming that there is more demand for them in the capital city.

Magesh dance group
Magesh dance group

A group member, Tinashe Ngwenya shed light on the reason why the seven-member crew moved to the capital city for a second time:

“This is a decision we’ve been pondering on for a very long time and late last year we finally made the decision to move to Harare permanently.”

Ngwenya said there was a greater demand for them in Harare than Bulawayo in terms of bookings and that was the major reason why they made this decision.

“It has been very difficult for us in Bulawayo. We were rarely being booked for performances and that’s how we make a living so we really had to find an alternative,” said Ngwenya.

Financial challenges that the group has been facing lately, led to two members departing. One left for South Africa and another found a formal job.

Ngwenya said they have been performing at various events such as schools and some corporate functions since they relocated.

The National Art Merit Award-winning dance group also cried over the emergence of strippers and raunchy dancers who promoters over the years have been booking.

“Way back we would be called to open up for artistes and perform at various places but the advent of the raunchy dancers like Bev, Zoey changed the art which is dancing,” said Ngwenya.

The group which has been dancing for 14 years said this year they also want to venture into music as a move to expand their brand.

“We have always been very passionate about music so this year we will start recording some singles. We are experimenting various sounds including Gqom, House, and Kwaito. We want to be performing to our music rather than other people’s music.” The Chronicle