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Johanne Masowe venture into fish farming

Members of the Johanne Masowe of Vadzidzi VaJesu in Mazowe North have ventured into a thriving fish farming project.

fishThey now boast about 500 000 tilapia breams since last year, heightening hopes of employment creation in the area.

In an interview, the project chairperson Mr Nomore Chinyandura said: “We have about 500 000 fish in the ponds though we are still grappling with a number of challenges in regard to feed and security.

“Our main goal is to support President Mnangagwa’s vision which entails that we should be self- sustainable as a country. We want this project to benefit people around us.

“We have already employed security to guard against fish mongers. We also want to spread the project across Mazowe North since we now have the seed. It is no longer a challenge for us to popularise fish farming.”

The constituency has vast opportunities for carrying out such projects especially given the many dams in the area which if well harnessed will help promote eco-tourism. The Herald