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This dangerous looking Dynamos

By Makomborero Mutimukulu

Caps United president Farai Jere looked at Dynamos going through their warm up routines ahead of last weekend’s charity clash at the National Sports Stadium and shook his head.

Lloyd Chitembwe (left) and Farai Jere (centre)
Lloyd Chitembwe (left) and Farai Jere (centre)

For a moment he looked like he was about to say something.But the Makepekepe majority shareholder said nothing.

Again Jere looked at Dynamos, who were warming up towards what Charles Mabika used to refer to as the Mabelreign end during his radio football commentary days and this time he did not shake his head.

He opened his mouth.“You see Mako Gold, this thing is dangerous,” sighed Jere.

“A Dynamos with stability is dangerous because they will only have one thing to focus on and that is playing football. The money they are getting from that RG (Rudland & George) deal is a game changer.”

Then in a flash Jere wore his Premier Soccer League chairman’s hat and spoke on.

“From a PSL point of view having a stable Dynamos is a big plus, they will draw the numbers and make the league exciting.

“You cannot run away from it DeMbare, just like Caps United and Highlanders, are the big boys and their good fortunes can only mean glad tidings for the league.”

Just how hard DeMbare will punch this season is open to theories but one thing that is clear is that there is some glamour back at the blue side of Harare.

Yes, the Dynamos faithful have the tendency to hyperbole.

They do blow things out of proportion; that lot as evidenced by their long held belief, that theirs is a never changing army of seven million souls.

However, there were some encouraging signs last Sunday when their team beat Caps United 2-0.

Signs that make them believe that this may turn out to be a blue year.

It wasn’t a swashbuckling performance but an effective one, Dynamos did not outplay Caps United but they outscored them.

And when you outscore the opposition you win the game.Lloyd Chigowe hailed the result as a sign that the “people’s team is back” and it’s difficult to argue with that assertion because his newly assembled team did the business against an old foe.

During Lloyd Mutasa’s tearful reign DeMbare were often naïve, going gung-ho when shutting out shop looked the better option.

But with Chigowe in charge; the team is playing in phases, and they seem to have their wits about them most of the time.

For the last 10 minutes of the first half against Makepekepe the Glamour Boys sat deep, fully aware of the psychological edge that came with going for the breather leading 2-0.

Ultimately they saw out the match and got the spring they needed ahead of the new season with goals from skipper Edward Sadomba and Ngandu Mangala carrying the day.

They are not the perfect item yet, but DeMbare are looking dangerous.

Also looking dangerous, for the wrong reasons, is Godfrey Mukambi.

Mukambi was, by a country mile, DeMbare’s best player last season, as he played at centre half but his switch back into midfield may cause his team some not so few anxious moments.

Mis-timed tackles, occasional rushes of blood to the head and an uninspiring pass completion ratio are certainly not the stuff that defensive midfielders are made of.

But then again Chigowe will tell you that this DeMbare is work in progress. Sunday Mail.