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‘Zimbabwe is open for Invasions’: Escalating mine invasions by Zanu PF aligned youths in Kwekwe

By Staff Reporter

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s re-engagement drive and “Zimbabwe is open for business” mantra has been dealt a massive blow amid reports of escalating mine invasions by Zanu PF aligned youths in his backyard of Kwekwe.

Emmerson Mnangagwa
President Emmerson Mnangagwa

This comes after thousands of youths invaded Gaika Gold Mine, which is a joint venture between China Africa Investment and Development Co.Ltd (CAIDC) and Duration Gold Limited.

The invasion also comes at a time when former Mbizo legislator, Vongai Mupereri, who is leading the youths, has ignored numerous court orders to stop the invasions.

On March 7 2018 under High Court number HC662/18, the first respondent Vongaishe Mupereri, commissioner general of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (2nd respondent), ministry of mines (3rd respondent), and Fidelity Printers (4th respondent), were ordered that:

“Each of the first respondent, second respondent, third respondent and fourth respondent be and is hereby declared to be in contempt of the provisions of the interim terms of the provisional order issued by this Honourable Court on 6th of March, 2018 in the matter dealt in case number 662/2018.

“That in consequence of the aforesaid declaration of contempt, each of the first respondent, second respondent, third respondent and fourth respondent be and is hereby ordered to pay a fine of $500-00 per day, for each of the 14 days following service of the order in this matter, during which the aforesaid contempt continues after the service of the final order in this matter.

“That in the event the contempt continues after the expiration of the period of 14 days provided for by in the previous paragraphs of this order, each of the first respondent, second respondent, third respondent and fourth respondent remaining in contempt, be and is hereby ordered to be incarcerated for a period of 90 days.”

Investigations revealed that in the last five year the joint venture has invested US$5 million in exploration, US$3,5 paid to Tandamanzi drilling and capitalized operations to the tune of US$20 million.

Insiders say despite the injection of capital, local political leadership has remained mum on the ongoing invasions.

“We have explored all avenues but it seems the political leaders are benefiting from the ongoing chaos,” said a source from the mine.

The source also said Gaika mine has always been in good standing and paid all its taxes and royalties to government.

Recently Mupereri addressed the illegal miners and urged them to continue operating because “the minerals belong to them and that the ‘whiteman’ should cede some tributaries in order to be allowed to fully operate.”

Documents seen by this publication detail in chronological order events that took place since the invasion.

“On February 20, 2018 the mine manager visited the office of the member in charge to make a report of the unlawful trespass and occupation of the pit situated within the premises of Gaika Mine.

“He requested that ZRP remove the unlawful occupiers and press charges against those responsible for the unlawful action. There he was told that the ZRP were unable to press charges because the matter was ‘political,” reads part of the document.

Sources questioned why Mnangagwa is not taking action at a time when he is pushing for the re-engagement with the international community.

“This is joint venture mine, owned by a British citizen as well as the Chinese, so we don’t see the re-engagement going anywhere if action is not taken.”

“The owners are engaging their respective embassies to push for a diplomatic resolution on the issue,” said the source. Nehanda Radio