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Promise fulfilled!. . .Iyasa funds Jeys’ music video

By Bongani Ndlovu

Afro jazz musician Jeys Marabini has thanked Iyasa director Nkululeko Dube for keeping his promise of funding a music video from his latest album Ntunjambila.

Jeys Marabini
Jeys Marabini

The album that has earned him a National Arts Merit Award was released last year amid pomp and fanfare at the Bulawayo Theatre.

After the launch, Dube said he liked the track Ngizobuyela and pledged to pay for the recording of its music video.

That pledge has come to fruition with Jeys Marabini saying he is grateful for the kind gesture.

“I remember after the grand launch at the Bulawayo Theatre, Nkululeko Dube said ‘bro, this album is out of this world, can I contribute for a music video’, and I agreed.

“Thank you so much Mr Dube for keeping your word and following through the whole process. Your favourite song Ngizobuyela is now going to be available on video,” said Jeys.

This will be Jeys Marabini’s second music video from the album after the recording of Wobuya.

He said music videos were a step in the right direction in his career adding that Dube’s gesture has shown what artistes can achieve if they are united.

“To be honest, I feel we’re in the right direction. This gesture really moved me. If artists could come together and put up such great efforts to uplift each other, we’d go far in this arts business.

“I’m so humbled and honoured,” said Jeys.

He said the video would be released in the coming days. The music video that was choreographed and directed by Japhet ‘Hwabaraty’ Mlauzi has Iyasa with their colourful dance moves. Also featured are Bhamuza, Ethel, Javas and Sikhonzile Sibanda.

Jeys thanked the likes of Saimon Mambazo Phiri for providing the venue as well as the man behind the camera – Shepherd Khumalo and his Umqali Wendaba Films.

Judging by the feedback he has been getting from the public, Jeys said he was considering produce a DVD for his Ntunjambila album.

“People who’ve listened to my album have been saying they love it and this has spurred me to produce a music video album for all the 10 tracks. It’s work in progress and we’re deciding which track we should shoot a music video for after Ngizobuyela.” The Chronicle