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Nudity is Art :Vimbai Zimuto

By Blessing Masakadza

Netherlands based singer and former Black Spirits member Vimbai Zimuto’s recent nude beach pictures have broken the Internet. While some Zimbabweans have expressed displeasure with the diva for her X-rated pictures, she remarks that: “You haven’t seen anything yet!”

Vimbai Zimuto
Vimbai Zimuto

Vimbai, a former backing vocalist of the late music legend and national hero Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi gate-crashed into fame when she recently released a highly sexualised video titled “Hapana Kwaunoenda” which left tongues wagging.

Now she is back again and apparently even more determined to provoke largely conservative Zimbabweans by being unusually “comfortable in my own skin.”

“This was my first (nude shoot) and my second is in Harare in a week’s time. So I am super excited and looking forward to it,” she said. The photo was captioned: “Being an Africa Woman, taking back the comfort that my ancestors had in their own skin, fearless #lioness soft but prickly #nungu.”

After the uproar of her first nude photo shoot she did last week last week, many obviously thought Vimbai would dump the idea of another nude photo shoot any time soon. But thick-skinned Vimbai, to the shock of many, has promised even more daring photo shoots in Harare this week.

For the singer the controversial nude photo shoots are her way of expressing her art. She regards sexuality as an art.Her numerous detractors, however, disagree. They say there is nothing African and artistic about Vimbai’s nude pictures.

But it would appear sultry Vimbai is not one to be bullied easily.

“There is no immorality in art. Art is expressive in every way possible. Even sex is art. You have to be very expressive to enjoy it,” she insisted in an interview with the Daily News on Sunday.

Vimbai is also not ruffled by people on social media who claim that she is doing the nudes to attract attention.

“Everyone in the world, who does business, is seeking attention. Companies pay big money for advertising, just to get attention. Everyone on social media is seeking attention, you writing this article you want the attention of the readers. That’s how the world goes round,” she said.

The singer, who believes art is there to provoke, says her “supportive family” understands the objectives behind the nude pictures.

“It doesn’t affect me a bit. The more people talk the better, whether positive or negative. That’s the impact of art.

“My family is very supportive, and they know me on a personal level and the person that I am. So my art is my work and they understand it completely,” she added.

Vimbai said the nude pictures will be part of her forthcoming video.

“I am dropping a single end of this month with a story that will be fulfilled by this shoot,” she said. DailyNews