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Cindy Munyavi’s many roles

By Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Award-winning singer Cindy Munyavi is a woman of many talents and enterprises. At a time when many people are saying she could be biting more that she can chew, Cindy seems determined to do more.

Cindy Munyavi
Cindy Munyavi

Besides being a musician, Cindy runs a fashion boutique, she is part of the new television show on ZBCTV “Geared Up”, she recently took up make-up artistry, a column in local paper and fashion blogging among others things.

She recently released a new song titled “Waya Waya”. In an interview after the release, Cindy says she loves branching into many careers.

“Being a musician for a while, I realised that there was a lot of free time I had. The life of a musician in Zimbabwe revolves on recording albums, singles, rehearsal, and performing live shows. Average musician in Zimbabwe can have four to five live shows a month.

“With showbiz industry, you have a lot time you can do anything, I have invested my music money and put it to my fashion boutique and is managed by its employees. Time is money as the economy got tougher I started looking for other things that can bring money apart from my music. I later started doing make-up and has beef up my income string,” she said.

Cindy said she can handle all her projects.

“Of late, people have been asking why I am doing ABCD, but people should understand that we need to survive, look at the attendance at live shows and piracy, which is milking musicians.

“We just need to supplement. I am not bothered, I am working for the lifestyle that I want. Many other musicians are doing the same. A good example is our late national hero Dr Oliver Mtukudzi, he was also into fashion business and many things are done at his Pakare Paye Arts Centre.”

Cindy said her new single, a love song was from her forthcoming fourth studio album titled No One Is Safe #N1IS which features DJ Dro and Rodney Beatz and is produced by Elton Bryce. The Herald