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Miss Zimbabwe UK launches foundation

By Nigel Siziba

Amanda Nkomo, Miss Zimbabwe UK has chosen to go the path of giving back to the community that raised her through her newly found foundation called Ngcono Mbowane Foundation.

Amanda Ngcono Nkomo
Amanda Ngcono Nkomo

The Ngcono Mbowane Foundation has set sites in helping school going children in remote areas.

“I am pleased to announce that I have teamed up with Team Sosuave and Zim39MCR, a team which organises events in the UK fundraising events for my charity, Ngcono Mbowane Foundation. The funds raised will be helping children back home in Zimbabwe with school supplies and sanitary pads”, she said.

Having a foundation is something that has always been in her heart when she was growing up.

“The idea of me having a foundation has always been something I said I would do. I grew up in a family which taught me love and that charity begins at home. This is a saying which I’ve taken all my life and encouraged me to go out there and help these who are in need,” she said.

She has donated school supplies and sanitary pads in two Tsholotsho schools.

“I went to two different schools the first one were Mhlabangubo primary school where I donated books, pens and rulers to the school, and then I went to my grandfather’s school John Landa Nkomo high school where I also donated similar things,” said Nkomo.

She did not just donate but she also had time to talk to girls and gave them a packet of pads each.

“I also got an opportunity to talk to the boys and girls on who am I and what I do. After this I got a chance to have some time with just the girls and this is where I handed out each girl a packet of pads and also had some girl talk on topics such as relationships, health and menstrual periods, education, family and friends, etecetera,” she said. Sunday Mail.