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My hands are clean: King Labash

By Trust Khosa

King Labash who was nabbed in Cape Town, South Africa for allegedly stealing two iPhones in a restaurant is a clean man.

King Labash says he buys and sells cars in South Africa
King Labash says he buys and sells cars in South Africa

The Chitungwiza bred Zim dancehall stalwart told H-Metro he was caught in the cross-fire when he was humiliated at Grand Africa Café where he was subjected to body searching.

Speaking to H-Metro from his base last night, the 36-year-old cleared the air on what transpired last Sunday.

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“There was a function at this place and mainly its white people who go there.

“I got complimentary tickets and went to the event then I also met some Zimbabwe guys there and they came to greet me and I suspect they are cellphone thieves.

“So, when I was going out, a security guy followed me asking where are the guys I were talking to because saying they are stealing here and I told him I just know those guys but am not with them,” he said.

King Labash
King Labash

The Rasta Ndoenda Nemi singer said all the hell broke loose when he insisted that he wanted to leave.

“I insisted that I leave but they said they wanted to search me and they took me into that corner to search me if I have anything but they did not find anything.

“If I was caught with two cellphones as was reported, I wouldn’t be chatting with you right now; its straight prison here in SA,” said the Adidas brand ambassador.King Labash suspects the writer might have been misinformed by some of his haters who witnessed the incident when he was search and released afterwards.

“The people who gave him the story are the people who saw me being searched at the back and obvious there are some of my Zimbabwean brothers vanga vatowanawo nyaya.’

“However, the way this story is written is very wrong, police were there and they even told the security that you can’t do this to me if you did not find him with anything then they left me I went for my Sunday show and I was never arrested.”

King Labash suspects the writer might have spoken to a wrong person who impersonated him.

“As you can see that contact written King Labash it’s not mine, they made it like they texted me and I blocked them of which they didn’t text me

“I wasn’t arrested as people think I am in prison as we speak.

“I did not do anything but just caught in cross fire and people made it a big issue by because of my name,” he said.

Labash also assured his sponsors and fans that he was safe and sound.

“I just want to clarify that if I was really caught with these things I could have got locked up.

“It’s just news that people found and took pics whilst I was chatting to security and they did let me go after so the part I am not really understanding is how the story was written to make it sound like I did something whilst I didn’t

“I would like to send this message to my loyal fans and sponsors that bad mind is always there and when you going up.

“People will always try to bring you down over any simple thing they spice it up just to make you lose focus but we shall overcome.

“It’s like they just wanna see you down so that they laugh but who God bless no one curse, misunderstanding is not a good thing. I am not even angry or worried about it because ‘If it don’t kill me, I know it’s gonna build me’ and make me stronger.

“Let’s get together and help others each other as brothers and sisters not to pull each other down.

“I am into buying and selling of cars not cellphones,” he added. H-Metro