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Outspoken artists applauded

By Vasco Chaya

Ex-Mambokadzi dancer Enisia Mashusha who is now based in the United Kingdom has applauded musicians Winky D and Tocky Vibes for being the voice of the voiceless in Zimbabwe.

Enisia Mashusha
Enisia Mashusha

This comes after Winky D and Tocky Vibes released songs Kasong Kejecha and Zvirinani respectively that all speak truth to power.

“I would like to applaud my fellow artists Winky D and Tocky Vibes for being courageous and standing out firmly in being the voice not only for us artists but the general populace as well. Keep it up guys,” she said through a facebook post.

“Surely it’s so disheartening to witness our country degenerating into absolute squalor. The situation is alarmingly getting worse on daily basis.

“Everything we laboured for is going down the drain. We as artists, I must say, have struggled over the years not only to better our lives but to put our country, Zimbabwe, on the map, but to no avail.”

Mashusha said the majority of people had lost faith in the President Emmerson Mnangagwa-led government.

“When the so-called new dispensation came into being, everyone had so much hope that things were heading for the better including us artists but it has increasingly become so transparent that our leaders always turn left when indicating right.

“It has become a norm in our country now that whoever voices disgruntlement becomes an enemy of the State. Most of us artists cannot even express ourselves in fear of the unknown, either you are taken out of business or your life will be in danger, what a heartless leadership we have,” reads part of her post.

Winky D’s Kasong Kejecha, was released late last year. It hits hard on real issues affecting the majority by touching on issues such as corruption, dire state of country’s health system with some facilities demanding payment in United States dollars and general poverty.

In the song, Winky D, real name Wallace Chirumiko, even questions the mantra by the government insisting on rating the bond note 1:1 with US dollar. Reality on the ground is that the rate is 1:3.

On the other hand, Tocky Vibes’ song Zviri Nani condemns the indiscriminate bashing of the public by the military, saying soldiers should be fighting for the people and not fighting the people.

Tocky Vibes released the song recently after his pregnant wife was caught up in the skirmishes. DailyNews

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