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Nox’s brother Tyfah Guni releases heart-breaking song and VIDEO on crisis in #Zimbabwe

Tyfah Guni, young brother to popular urban grooves artist Nox Guni, has released a heart-breaking song and VIDEO exposing the political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe.

The video, featuring clips of police and army brutality in Zimbabwe since August last year, notched up 12 000 views on video sharing website You Tube within 7 hours and is currently on 17 700 views.

Part of lyrics in the song say:

Varume woye ngatitaure
Risati radambura musungo gava ngatitaure mambo.
Tichigere kuisa zvimiti munzeve ndatokurumai nzeve
Ngatitaure, ngatitaure
Varume woye risati radoka veduwe ngatitaure.

Gudo guru peta muswe iwe vadoko vakutye
Pamusha mukuru hapachadi hubhuru
Vadoko vanozodya nduru nhai baba mukuru
Pamusha mukuru hapachadi hubhuru

Tyfah doubles as a producer for Ice n Roses Records which is owned by Nox and he is also a talented artists in his own right. He took over as the main producer at Ice n Roses Records after he finished his studies at Chinhoyi University in 2016.

Nox Guni anad Tyfah Guni
Nox Guni anad Tyfah Guni

He has produced many hits for Zimbabwean artists including the latest hits by Shinso (Kutsotsonya), Nox (Uchandifunga) among others. He plays acoustic guitars, keyboard and is also a very talented dancer.

Tyfah recently did an album for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri which is yet to be released and also has a song with Prophet Uebert Angel titled Dance. He is the main producer behind Nox Guni’s latest album which has just been released on all stations in Zimbabwe this past weekend.