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Carl Joshua Ncube moves into a tent

By Vasco Chaya

It is no longer a case of what-you-see-is -what-you-get with Victoria Falls-based comedian Carl Joshua Ncube who has now moved from renting an apartment into camping in a tent as part of saving for his own house.

Carl Joshua Ncube
Carl Joshua Ncube

And Ncube is not moved by the reaction to it.

“It’s really about my wife (Nelsy) and I and the choices we have made. I am just adjusting my life in preparation for the rocky road our economy is going to take,” Ncube told the Daily News.

“I am even getting a bike and living off solar. We are the masters of our own destiny. I do not want to pay rent. I want to own my own property. Right now I own a tent. I aspire to own a caravan, a truck and a bus.

“Just know that everything is going to US dollar. When you get to my age (40) and realise that since I left home at 18 and been paying rent till 39 I have used $176 000.

“So I moved into a tent to start again but this time I am smart enough to do something that looks dumb as opposed to doing something dumb that makes you think you are being smart,” Ncube said further.

Ncube together with Nelsy posted a video on Facebook yesterday while updating fans on latest developments in their life.

“Actually we have created our own village as we own 10 tents. We want to grow our accommodation business here. We are brand ambassadors of our business,” he said.

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