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Malunga to launch album in Asia

Clive Malunga
Clive Malunga

The Nesango hit maker has been missing on the Zimbabwean music scene for years as he has not been holding any music shows and his music has not been receiving much airplay of late.

Malunga told the Daily News he had ditched the Zimbabwean market because it was no longer lucrative.

“I am releasing a new album titled Kumusha in March, and it will be printed in South Korea and produced in Japan. We are going to launch it in South Korea, Japan as well as Taiwan.

“These markets are better because they guard against piracy. And you know the piracy situation in Zimbabwe.”

He said he would only return to the market after joining the system to help build the arts sector and fight piracy.

The marketing and distribution of the album will be exclusively done in Japan and South Korea. Malunga also roped in Zimbabwean engineer Jabulani Ndhlovu into the project.

The album has five tracks, Kumusha, Tendai Mandirembudza, Nhemamusasa, Chamutengure and Sauramba.

After producing one of the country’s best videos Nesango, which was also reported to be one of the most expensive to have been shot in Zimbabwe in the 1990s, the award-winning musician went missing in action from the local music scene.

In a previous interview with this paper, Malunga said the albums are sold for $20 a copy in those Eastern countries.

“We sell the albums there for $20 a copy because they offer protection in terms of piracy.  Here, the government just talks about it but there is no action. I have withdrawn my music from here and I am not going to be selling it here,” he said then.

“I have been working on this sound for a long time, I wasn’t happy with my old sound, even though I produced good videos. So I have been working on the new sound for a while.

So, on the new album, I got the hosho player from the Air Force Band, Chamanga. And from the mbira we have a sound that goes like the bass and other sounds. It is really different.” DailyNews.