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Harare budgets $52m for roads

By Nokuthaba Nkomo

Harare City Council (HCC) has set aside a budget of over $50 million to repair the capital city’s dilapidated and pot hole-infested roads with effect from January 2019.

File picture of road construction
File picture of road construction

Harare mayor Hebert Gomba said the road rehabilitation programme is set to start early January as the council is targeting to repair 10 roads per ward around Harare’s suburbs and Central Business District (CBD) next year.

“Our budget for 2019 is $52 million. We are looking at doing a parallel programme that deals with the CBD and suburbs as well. It will start early January,” Gomba said.

The mayor said the road programme is focused on having a new traffic circle at the Lomagundi Road and Harare Drive intersection among other things.

“The road programme for 2019 will have a new roundabout at Lomagundi-Harare Drive and a new by pass at Mbudzi. Each ward of the 46 wards is to have 10 roads resealed including the CBD Charter, Bank, Harare Street, R Mugabe, J Moyo and Mandela,” Gomba said.

The city’s roads were marked as a national emergency as most of them have become untrafficable due to potholes and lack of maintenance.

Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) last year allocated $12,9 million for roads rehabilitation in 2018 but HCC director of works Zvenyika Chawatama told the Daily News it was not enough.

He said an extra amount was then added to upgrade the most critical roads.

“For 2018 we were allocated $12,9 million for roads rehabilitation, however, it was not sufficient for the works that we wanted to conduct.

“But there is an additional allocation of $1,8 million we were given (by Zinara) and it was used to upgrade what we call “critical identified hotspots,” Chawatama said.

Earlier this year the municipality embarked on a project undertaking major repairs on roads in the CBD, low and high density areas as part of the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme that was launched in 2017.

The city’s mayor has said HCC needs more than $1 billion to repair old, damaged infrastructure and to build two major dams.

Gomba has said council urgently requires $150 million for all pipe replacement that go to as far as western suburbs, CBD and all other areas.

“We are saying $150 million for pipe replacement because we are talking of a combination of two piping systems; one for sewer and one for water.

“We are also looking for around $200 million for rehabilitation of our sewer treatment plants for us to stop water discharges into our water sources,” he said.DailyNews