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Lets spare a thought for Mastermind

By Ellina Mhlanga

While most people are enjoying the holidays throughout the country, it is a different story for Dynamos legend George “Mastermind” Shaya, whose health continues to trouble him and his wife Egnes yesterday made an emotional appeal for assistance.

George Shaya
George Shaya

The five-time Soccer Star of the Year award winner has been battling ill-health for quite sometime now and although he has been getting better lately, things took a turn last week when he complained of painful legs.

A visit by The Herald to his home in Glen Norah A yesterday revealed a sad scenario as Shaya’s wife narrated his ordeal. “He just screamed and I thought something had bitten him but he thought it was cramp. Since then it’s been getting worse.

“He is supposed to go for an X-ray and the doctor spoke of radiotherapy. He suggested he goes for the X-ray first then they will see what the problem is. They are suspecting that it might be deep vein thrombosis. But he needs to go for the X-ray first,” Egnes said.

In fact, Shaya needs to see a specialist doctor and they need to raise US$130 for the doctor to attend to him.

“As soon as I get the money I have to do it and as soonest, especially when the legs have started swelling. I am not safe because I don’t know what it is. I started noticing the swelling two days ago. He is struggling to walk,” said Egnes. She pointed out that the football legend had been on a recovery path until last week when his health started deteriorating again. The Herald