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Zanu PF thugs attack Winky D – VIDEO

Zimdancehall superstar Winky D, real name Wallace Chirumiko, was pelted by bottles by suspected Zanu PF hooligans before he could perform his controversial hit song, “Kasong KeJecha” in Kwekwe. 

Video footage shows the singer being attacked with bottles as he was preparing to go on stage. 

Kwekwe, in the Midlands Province, is President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s hometown. Sources who spoke to Nehanda Radio confirmed that the attack on Winky D had been planned in advance. 

“Yes the group was waiting for him. It was well organized. Winky D had been tipped so the promoter brought soldiers to protect him but the militia was huge in numbers and had machetes.

“They have vowed Winky D won’t perform in the Midlands. The police just stood there and did nothing,” the source told Nehanda Radio. 

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The title KaSong KeJecha appears to embrace the MDC Alliance’s slogan ‘kudira jecha’ although Winky D’s manager, Jonathan Banda this month disputed this saying  the song has a social interpretation and the “Ninja President” as he is known was not affiliated to any political party.

A statement on Winky D’s official Facebook page said; “To God be the Glory. Management hereby informs you that Winky D and the Vigilance Band are all safe and sound. Have a blessed Christmas.”

Meanwhile the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has issued a statement condemning the attack on Winky D. Party spokesman Jacob Mafume said;

“That organised violence can be unleashed on an artist and the perpetrators go unpunished is both barbaric and unacceptable. Artists in Zimbabwe must have the freedom to think, be creative and enjoy the benefits of popular culture.

“Criminalising certain words or diction due to it’s association with the MDC is also a bad sign and a bad reflection on the Zanu PF leadership which divides Zimbabweans and turn them against each other.

“Even worse is the silence of Mnangagwa and the entire Zanu PF government. They must be careful, people have been killed in their name and they have always kept quiet.

“The violent attack on Winky Dee must be condemned with the contempt it deserves, perpetrators must be subjected to the Justice delivery system and tolerance must be at the centre of government awareness programs. That no arrest has been made up to now is not good enough,” Mafume added.