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NRZ tonnage grows by 10pc

By Pauline Hurungudo

The tonnage moved by the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has grown by almost 10 percent in the first 11 months of the year compared to the comparative period last year.

File picture of a National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) train
File picture of a National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) train

In the 11 months ending November 30, 2018, the rail operator transported goods weighing a total of 3 178 785 tonnes, compared to 2 897 836 tonnes in 2017.

This translates to an increase of 9,6 percent.

NRZ public relations manager Nyasha Maravanyika said the rail parastatal’s freight volumes have been on the increase since it received interim solution equipment in February this year from its partners as part of its recapitalisation framework.

The framework saw the NRZ leasing 200 wagons, 13 locomotives and seven coaches at $1,8 million.

It is expecting to reap a monthly profit of about $2,8 million while awaiting finalisation of its recapitalisation project.

In February alone, the NRZ moved 177 740 tonnes compared to 141 211 in February 2017.

The volumes rose to 181 584 tonnes in March (194 056 tonnes in 2017) and 215 063 tonnes April (188 924 tonnes 2017).

“In May, 305 345 tonnes (233 514 tonnes in 2017) were moved while 336 068 tonnes (331 966 tonnes the previous year) were moved in June, with July registering 360 141 tonnes compared to 353 140 tonnes the previous year.

“August saw the freight volumes reaching their highest for the year at 370 622 tonnes (357 439 tonnes in 2017).

“September, however, registered marginally lower freight volumes than August, trends which can be attributed to the economic meltdown which hit the country from the month September,” said Maravanyika.

In September, 354 034 tonnes (335 661 tonnes in 2017) were carried while 362 702 tonnes were uplifted in October compared to 332 640 tonnes the same period last year.

Of the total traffic moved, 464 666 tonnes were imports, compared to 496 972 tonnes last year, a decrease of 6.5 percent.

Export freight to November rose by 16 percent to 564 242 tonnes compared to 485 978 in 2017.  Daily News.