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Carl to set up hospitality school

By Bridget Mananavire

Comedian and self-proclaimed tourism ambassador Carl Joshua Ncube is setting up a virtual tourism school for youths in Victoria Falls where there is a high demand for tourism jobs.

Carl Joshua Ncube
Carl Joshua Ncube

Ncube said because of the scarcity of land to build a physical institution they had resorted to a virtual school as the demand for his tourism school programme became popular.

The school will be launched in January and free of charge.

“I will try and raise funding to sustain it myself, in essence, asking my fans to donate laptops and iPads they no longer use or asking volunteer tutors to record video content; there’s a lot I can do on their behalf.

“We are even discussing with an embassy possible exchange programmes with institutions/hotels/restaurants in their country for our top students. I can’t mention the embassy of course,” Ncube told the Daily News.

The comedian said it was strange for a tourism hub such as Victoria not to have a tourism academy.

“Couldn’t we just set up a website and train people and give them the resources that they need, shoot videos of what they need to do, have the tutors actually teach them on an online platform and if they need to do practical we then treat the hotel as campuses.

“It’s not a place where we are just going to get young people and use them in hotels but teaching them life skills,” he said in an interview with foreign media.

“The first question I always ask these kids is what do you want to be? And when they tell me what they want to be I then cast a career course that actually goes along with what they want to be.

“At the beginning when I was doing consultancy at Zambezi House we got about 30 students on that academy, the second intake ended up with extra 40 students.

“This is when we decided we needed to take a step back and set it up as a website.”

The comedian and his wife are currently running a restaurant in the resort town on the banks of the Zambezi and are planning on opening a comedy club called the Zambezi House of Laughter. DailyNews