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Sanyangore faces jail over $12 000 debt

By Nokuthaba Nkomo

Victory World International Ministries leader Paul Sanyangore, has been asked to prove he has means to pay before he is sent to civil prison for failing to pay $12 000 owed to Viewsat Limited.

Paul Sanyangore
Paul Sanyangore

The prophet has been issued with summons of civil imprisonment over the $12 733 after he refused or neglected to honour his obligations after a deadline upon which he was supposed to have cleared the arrears lapsed. 

Sanyangore has been advised to approach the High Court with his financial position to assess whether he is able to settle the debt or not.

“You should bring with you the evidence of your financial position and it will be in your own interest to give the court evidence of your income from wages, salary or other earnings and other incomes you may receive from any other source.

“The court will conduct an inquiry into your financial position and depending on the circumstances, it may not commit you to prison but instead give you further time to pay the sum due or direct you to pay it in instalments over a specified period,” the notice said.

The court advised that if he cannot meet the requirements of the summons, he should be able to justify himself to void imprisonment.

“If you fail to pay the sum specified above, you must appear before the High Court at Harare to explain why you have not paid it and to show why an order for your imprisonment should not be made on account of failure to pay. You should bring with you evidence of failure to pay.

“Unless you pay the plaintiff the sum specified above, or unless the plaintiff accepts an offer of settlement which you have made to it, you must appear before the High Court. 

“If you do not do so, a writ of personal attachment may be issued against you and you may be committed to prison.” Daily News