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Cleric urges Zanu PF, MDC to dialogue

By Nokuthaba Nkomo

Faith Ministries pastor and businessman Shingi Munyeza has urged Zanu PF and the MDC to dialogue in order to move the country forward.

Businessman Shingi Munyeza
Businessman Shingi Munyeza

Munyeza said it is important for the two political parties to find each other and work collectively towards ending the current socio-economic crisis since they control the majority of the electorate.

“The two parties control at least 95 percent of the electorate. The current impasse is coming out of the contested election result hence raising questions on legitimacy,” said Munyeza as he urged Zanu PF and the MDC to put their differences aside and focus on nation building.

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“The nation must rise above self and party. Zimbabweans want to move forward and yet the power play by politicians is taking us back. We must move away from constantly being in an election mode,” he added.

Munyeza said religious leaders were ready to be at the fore front in bringing political parties to dialogue and ensuring peace in the country.

He told the Daily News that clerics were currently working with the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) to facilitate the national healing process.

“The Church has always been ready to engage, dialogue, mediate and lead on national issues when called upon to do so. We are therefore pleading with the political players to put Zimbabweans first in their aspirations so we move the country forward on all fronts.

“Nothing stops the church to be on the forefront, we have done it in the past. Our role is always to bring warring parties to the table, engage, dialogue, mediate and reconcile. At the moment we are working closely with the NPRC on national healing,” Munyeza said.

Munyeza is optimistic that the country will move in the right direction as God has a plan for Zimbabwe.

“I’m very confident that we will soon find each other and Zimbabwe will become better and progressive and prosperous. I also believe we will reach a mutually hurting stalemate which will push everyone to the table. Above all God has a plan for Zimbabwe and it will come to pass as he stated,” Munyeza said. DailyNews