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I didn’t enter Hip-Hop Awards: Stunner

Desmond Chideme aka Stunner (Picture by povo.co.zw)
Desmond Chideme aka Stunner (Picture by povo.co.zw)

Stunner who seems to have been missing in action on the music scene took to his Facebook page to do a live where he was entertaining questions from his fans and explaining his absence.

“…There are things that we have been sorting out and now those things are in order, I didn’t even enter my music for the Hip- Hop Awards. I know this might make other people angry,  but I know we had the best remix,  best collaboration, the Team Hombe remix that is the best collaboration ever, we had Soul Jah Love, Seh Calaz, Lipsy, Jeezy, Junior Brown, Kelvin from Bulawayo, we had me, Freeman  was on it,” Stunner said.

“So I don’t know if that is not the best collaboration of the year hameno kuti imwe ndeipi. Check out the Team Hombe remix,       it’s there.

If you were looking for the best verse, you get it there. Oh yeah and Andy Muridzo was on it. I hope I dint leave out anyone. We are back with the music, this December; we are going to be throwing in the records.  I know I have been away and I know you guys have a lot of questions.”

“There’s a Team Hombe remix, there is a Godo remix, my remixes are always that big, if you go on YouTube you get them.

He said he will be releasing new music as he will be concentrating on the music.

“I’m releasing an EP in February but I’m releasing videos in December, official two, we are always releasing music. We have Maindiitisa the song, the video is coming out in December, and yeah another video with T-Gonz, the video is coming out in December as well. So we are back in business. But next year we are going in full throttle,” Stunner said. Daily News.