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‘I started prophesying at the age of 8’. . .Madzibaba Mutumwa on the genesis of miracles

My name is Emmanuel Gwandida or Mutumwa which is my spiritual name.I started my spiritual work in Shurugwi when I was in Grade Three at primary school. My first prophecy was on my Grade 3A teacher, Mrs Gwarada who was pregnant and I told her that she was going to conceive twins.

Madzibaba Mutumwa
Madzibaba Mutumwa

This came to pass and she gave a testimony to the school. She knew I went to Johane Masowe and that it was my family church. At that time I started praying for and prophesying to teachers at the school, some would invite me to their homes.

It wasn’t my power; it was the power of God upon me. I went on to do Grade Seven at Railway block and my parents were working at Zimasco. After completing my high school I then came to Bulawayo to a place called Ethandweni where my brothers were working at a farm named KoTsheda. That’s when I started my spiritual work in Bulawayo until I met Brigadier Moyo’s employee whom I healed of a leg infection. I then went to see the Brigadier and I also prayed for him and he allowed me to open a sect in his plot then I started praying for farm workers and some people who lived around the plot in Newline.

During this period I was approached by some villagers who came with a dead child and I prayed for the child and it resurrected, I told them the child was being wrestled by some goblins. This shocked the plot owner and the neighbours.

Gabriel Damba, an apostle with me who came from How Mine to Ethandweni also witnessed this and it became a miracle and most villagers started coming to my sect in Esipezini.

When we opened in Esipezini people started coming in their numbers and then we decided to move from the plot to How Mine as a way of avoiding stock theft since there were many cattle. I talked to the owner about moving and by then How Mine was not functional since its closure in 2008. I then opened the first Johane Masowe in How Mine. The first person I saw in How Mine was Emmanuel Makandiwa who was then an AFM pastor living in Waterford. I prophesied that he was going to be famous. I also prophesied that How Mine was also going to reopen and people will start working and some that I had prayed for got transfers and some did not. It was a miracle that people witnessed and those that I had prophesied got promotions.

People started following me because of these miracles and the sect grew bigger. In 2010 the Holy Spirit spoke to me that I needed to move to town especially in Selbourne Park in Cecil Road and that is where we are still at. Miracles began to happen, people came to be healed, some are late and some even resurrected from the mortuary. One incident was covered by the B-Metro where I prayed for a woman from Manningdale. There is another woman whom I instructed that she must not be put in a mortuary as she was still alive and needed to be prayed for.

The woman is still alive but suffers from stroke. These things happened at Selbourne Park sect and the sect grew in numbers following these miracles. The Holy Spirit also spoke to me saying that I should open more sects in Beitbridge and in Binga. I started in Binga where I also performed miracles.

I remember this other day I was driving in my car when I saw a dead woman being pushed in a wheelbarrow by her relatives and I stopped them but people started mocking me. However, the woman resurrected, much to the shock of everyone and the woman is married now. I also started waiting and praying for some villagers who would be going to the hospital. I then opened another sect in Kariyangwe and Muchesu as people were now following the miracles of God.

In Lupane I also prophesied about the victory of one candidate of the Member of Parliament who was also sick by the time. I also assisted in catching some people alleged to be involved in the acts of Satanism in Cowdray Park.

Some of the miracles which happened in Selbourne Park are of garden boys that I prayed for and some now have more than three cars. I prayed for them and they were able to budget and buy assets. Now my sect has more than 600-700 cars. Most of them who came without cars are now driving.

I do not discriminate between those who have and those who do not. Those rumours that are spread by people that we say people from our sect should not bath are lies; we encourage hygiene among our members.

There are quite a number of things that I disagree with as a member of the apostolic sect; for example denying children the opportunity to go to school, telling people that they are supposed to suffer. I strongly want to encourage parents and children to prioritise education.

In my church I do not have poor people; they are all rich while some employ people some get promoted because my target is to end poverty in the country. Everywhere I go I leave people happy even white people come to my church and I thank God for the people. I now have 71 branches and the major reason for that is I help people reduce poverty by praying for them and encouraging them to work with their hands.

I encourage people in my church to do sustainable projects like gardening and poultry. I also encourage children to pursue education to the highest levels and shun getting into marriages at a tender age; we have some members of church who have children who are studying in China.

Even the issue of saying pastors should marry seven wives is something I do not tolerate and in my teachings I always make it clear. I do not make people pay for prayers because I feel I am doing God’s work, people normally come with tokens of appreciation after witnessing the miracles. I pray for all problems because nothing is too big for God.

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