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Econet donates $10m to Karoi

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has extended $10 million to Karoi Town Council from its Cholera Fund for improvement of the town’s infrastructure and systems. The fund is also expected to boost the town’s fight against any potential cholera outbreak.

File picture of Karoi Town water and reticulation system
File picture of Karoi Town water and reticulation system

According to officials from the Karoi Town Council, the money will be channeled towards improving water and sewer reticulation systems, upgrading of ablution facilities, as well as boosting refuse collection.

Karoi Town Council client and liaison officer Mr Precious Nharara said the timely donation will go a long way in improving and putting in place a cocktail of cholera prevention mechanisms.

“As Karoi Town Council, we really appreciate the donation as we are one among a few selected councils to benefit from the Cholera Fund,” he said.

“The fund will help us effectively implement our cholera preventive plan.”

Mr Nharara said council management met with relevant stakeholders, including WASH committee and health clubs, to deliberate on the proposed budget.

He said the teams came up with a number of areas where the money would be channelled depending on priority.

“Among the issues raised was the need for infrastructural development, such as construction of toilets, refuse collection equipment, refurbishment of water and sewer reticulation, mass awareness, clean-up campaigns, purchasing of bins and employment of health workers,” said Mr Nharara.

He said the town remained on high alert for cholera, which recently claimed 54 lives, while more than 1 000 cases were recorded in Harare.

Mr Nharara said they were moving illegal vendors to designated areas and closing down food outlets that did not meet statutory health standards as a way of preventing any outbreaks.

Karoi Town Council environmental health technician Mr Sam Munyira said council had been holding cholera awareness campaigns at ward level through health clubs.

Econet Wireless recently availed another $10 million towards containing a dual outbreak of cholera and typhoid following the declaration of state of emergency in Harare.

The firm’s banking arm, Steward Bank, recently launched a $2 million National Cholera Crisis Fund that is meant to raise funds to fight possible cholera outbreaks. The Herald