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Carl Joshua, wife want to adopt

By Tonderai Zvimba

Stand up comedian Carl Joshua Ncube and wife Nelsy, who wedded six years ago in the Bahamas, are considering adoption.

Carl Joshua Ncube and wife Nelsy (left) and a Pizza Inn staffer (file photo)
Carl Joshua Ncube and wife Nelsy (left) and a Pizza Inn staffer (file photo)

This is after Nelsy suffered a miscarriage in 2015 and has been failing to fall pregnant since.

As a result, the two have now opted for adoption.

“We’ve been planning to adopt a child for some time now and have been collecting as much information as we can on how to carry out the procedure,” said Carl Joshua.

“This is something that many Zimbabweans should take into consideration – there are a lot of orphans at children’s homes. I’ve also noticed that many Zimbabweans think adoption is a western thing which is difficult, complicated and an expensive process, but I’ve been told that it’s free. You just have to meet some certain requirements and policies.”

The award-winning comedian said they are yet to decide on whether to adopt one or two children, but he said he would prefer two. His wife is however, suggesting that they adopt one.

Carl, who is working very hard to make a mark in the tourism sector, said he was now working on what he calls rural tourism.

“We’ve bought several tents for the glamping (glamorous camping) experience and we’re also pushing rural tourism,” he said.

Apart from his tourism venture, Carl Joshua Ncube recently shared his plans to remake the popular ZBCtv drama “Mukadota”. The Chronicle