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Soul Jah Love, Seh Calaz in love-hate relationship

By Blessing Masakadza

Dancehall stars Soul Jah Love and Seh Calaz are not the best of friends, neither are they enemies, the Daily News can reveal.

Before friendship went sour . . . Soul Jah Love and Seh Calaz
Before friendship went sour . . . Soul Jah Love and Seh Calaz

Reports emanating are that the two are on talking terms and they meet and discuss industry issues.

On Monday, Soul Jah Love’s car reportedly developed a battery problem and had to be jump-started by Seh Calaz.

The image in the minds of many is that of sworn enemies and judging by the history of animosity between the two, one will be forgiven for coming up with such a conclusion.

“They might not be best buddies but they are not enemies either. They have a normal relationship and they actually talk. They met yesterday and talked for a while on issues of music,” Seh Calaz publicist King George Damson said.

Recently, the two chanters dropped albums on the same day, raising speculation of a potential war between them.

The two have a history of “diss” songs being traded between them, resulting in the famous Sting contest where they engaged in lyrical warfare.

Last week, Soul Jah Love posted a video discouraging the intake of a drug called Mutoriro on the streets and made reference to a Tawanda.

Tawanda is Seh Calaz’s first name and it was interpreted by many as a “diss” to his perceived rival.

Calaz’s camp laughed off the claims saying; “That was Jah Love being Jah Love.” Seh Calaz even shared the video on his social media platforms reiterating a similar message against the drug.

Soul Jah Love could not be reached for comment on the video as his mobile phone was not available.

In the video, he gave a warning to “ghetto youths” against taking the Mutoriro drug which, according to some sources, is addictive and can lead one into stealing for money. DailyNews