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Winky D gets video right…But the track…

By Bongani Ndlovu

Zimdancehall musician Winky D’s new video for his hip track Paper Bag was spot-on for many people, but him dicing with a hip hop track to accompany the music video seems to be backfiring.

The video for "Paper Bag" by Winky D premiered exclusively on Trace Africa and was produced by SOS.
The video for “Paper Bag” by Winky D premiered exclusively on Trace Africa and was produced by SOS.

The video premiered exclusively last week on Trace Africa and was produced by SOS.

In the music video Winky D is shown living the high life as a rich gangster, with pretty women, a private jet, a Maybach and bags filled with cash, US dollars to be particular, a scarce commodity in Zimbabwe. This is in line with what most hip hop artistes do.

The music video is of high quality and is befitting to be on international music channels such as Trace Africa.

It is a breath of fresh air and a drastic improvement from the previous music videos that Winky D has released. Runaway hit Disappear was the song of the moment some time ago and when the music video was released fans were very much disappointed by it. They believed that the Ninja President did not put any thought to it as it was one-dimensional and bland.

Another song more recently, Ngirozi featuring Vabati VaJehova was also a fan favourite and when the music video was released, most were bitterly disappointed.

So for Winky D to release such a refreshing music video is a plus for the Gafa and perhaps finally he can break through to the African market and get known.

He has dominated Zimbabwe for far too long and his name is known everywhere but his talent should be shown over the whole of Africa.

But there is a catch, instead of having a great song and a not so great music video, with Paper Bag, Winky D has a not so great song and a great music video.

Winky D has tried his hand at Trap music a form of hip hop which the likes of Migos and Cardi B, but for many of his fans, this does not suit his style.

The song was produced by tried and trusted award winning Oskid who is behind the hit Disappear. Listening to him, they say, is like a square peg in a round hole; it does not just fit.

It would have been good that on the track he collaborated with a hip hop artiste to fuse his style better than being on the beat all alone.

However some believe Winky D is very versatile and he has proved with the track that he is way better than any hip hop artiste in Zimbabwe.

Some urged the hip hop artistes to take notes from the Ninja President who has done one better than them as his music video has that “thing” that lacks in most of their music videos.

Others suggest that Winky D should enter the Zim Hip hop awards and be voted as the Best Male artiste of the year.

Fans will have mixed feelings with the new track but at the end of the day they will be dancing to it in the clubs.

Fans know though that Winky D has a hit up his sleeves and it’s a matter of time that he releases a monster hit and what fans pray for is that he releases a good quality accompanying video. The Chronicle