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DJ Nospa crashes into hyena

By Bongani Ndlovu

Bulawayo DJ Nospa cheated death after his car hit a hyena along the Victoria Falls-Bulawayo road on his way to the resort town leaving its front bumper damaged.

DJ Nospa’s damaged car
DJ Nospa’s damaged car

DJ Nospa said he was on his way to Victoria Falls to perform at Quatermains Bar at Kingdom Hotel on Friday and Comfort Pub and Grill on Saturday.

He said he was driving his Mazda Familia when the hyena jumped out of the bush on to the road and ran towards his car.

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“The accident happened on 426 KM peg towards Vic Falls. The hyena jumped out of nowhere and ran straight to the car and for a moment I thought we were going to die when I hit it and stopped some metres away from it,” said DJ Nospa.

The hyena he hit

He said they disembarked from the car to see the hyena thinking it was dead but it was alive.

“When I stopped the car, we first caught our breath and checked if everyone was unhurt. Thereafter we stepped out of the car to see the hyena. It was lying on the side of the road. We thought it was dead. But after sometime it got up and ran off into the bush scaring us,” said DJ Nospa.

He said luckily he escaped without any scratches.

“I had two other people in the car and I’m just happy that we escaped without a scratch. However my car had to be towed to Vic Falls as the front bumper was damaged,” said DJ Nospa.

He said although he was shaken and his car was damaged he performed at both venues after he had sorted paperwork with police.

DJ Nospa’s car seems to have a streak of bad luck, last year it was stoned outside the then Club Eden in Bulawayo. The Chronicle