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Carl Joshua Ncube finally gets ZTA nod

By Kiyapili Sibanda

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) has finally acknowledged comedian, Carl Joshua Ncube, for his role in marketing brand Zimbabwe.

Carl Joshua Ncube
Carl Joshua Ncube

Over the years, the comedian has been vigorously marketing the country’s various tourism products, both locally and internationally through his social media platforms and comedy shows.

He has, on several occasions, expressed interest in working with the ZTA on various campaigns to promote the country’s tourism but, his calls have consistently fallen on deaf ears.

Instead, the local tourism body has engaged other comedians – Doc Vikela and Comic Pastor to tour various destinations and market them on social media – something Carl had already been doing.

After realising that ZTA was not keen on working with him as he hoped they would endorse him as a tourism ambassador, he appointed himself.

He actually now calls himself the unofficial tourism ambassador.

But now, ZTA, in a post on Twitter, said they were grateful and appreciative by the works being done by Carl of actively promoting destination Zimbabwe.

“A big thumbs up to one man who has been actively pushing Destination Zimbabwe for a long while now. We see and greatly appreciate the work you’re doing for the destination, Carl Joshua Ncube.

“Keep up it up, we’re truly grateful,” tweeted ZTA through their ZTA Updates profile.

However, one Twitter user @gtchauraya who has been following Carl asked why ZTA was not making him an official tourism ambassador saying the comedian has been pushing brand Zimbabwe using his own resources.

ZTA responded saying they would look into the matter.

“That’s a very interesting subject. We’re sure, all in good time, things will fall into place. We’re very appreciative of the work of Carl Joshua and every Zimbabwean helping us in promoting Zimbabwe,” they responded.

Speaking to this publication in June, Carl said he had lost hope in ZTA and appointed himself as a Zimbabwe tourism ambassador.

“I don’t know why I’ve been overlooked and I can’t pinpoint exactly what’s the problem. I saw that I don’t need to wait for them (ZTA) to make me an ambassador. I’m already being one on my own without their endorsement so I’ll just continue promoting Zimbabwe.

“I think it’s better to do this on my own,” he said then after his fellow local comedians had been tasked to promote tourism products.

Other than the comedians, ZTA also appointed socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure to play a similar role as ambassador for the Harare International Carnival .

Coming up with blogs and creative ideas to promote tourism as well as board games with the big five animals, Carl is passionate about the country’s tourism. The Chronicle.