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AFM total split confirmed

. . . as Rev Chiangwa lands president’s post

AFM’s total split was yesterday confirmed with the holding of elections by the faction led by Reverend Cossum Chiangwa held at the church’s Rufaro Conference Centre in Chatsworth.

Cossum Chiangwa
Rev Cossum Chiangwa

The faction aligned to Rev Chiangwa participated in the elections that were held on Saturday putting a stamp to the split with the Reverend Aspher Madziyire grouping.

Yesterday, the Chiangwa led AFM said they were the rightful leadership of AFM arguing on operating within the dictates of the original AFM constitution.

The breakaway was a result of a cumulation of issues within the church with the Rev Chiangwa led executive citing change of constitution, victimisation of pastors as well as alleged gross maladministration in the church for a long time.

Rev Madziyire and his other followers however maintained that the constitution had to be changed with some members siding with the faction president.

In the elections held, Chiangwa got 240 votes to land the presidency post while Reverend Amon Chinyemba got 22. Rev Chinyemba then automatically became the vice president of the church.

Dr Nathan Nhira was elected secretary general uncontested while Rev Sabata was elected the national administrator.

Rev Madziyire yesterday could not be drawn into commenting on the Rev Chiangwa led executive elections since the faction was booted out. H-Metro