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The Derby barber

By Don Makanyanga

Makepekepe midfielder Wisdom Mutasa gave his barber, a staunch Dynamos fan, a torrid time on Friday. Mutasa, who was in the company of teammates Milton Ncube and Dominic Mukandi, told Irvine Tafirenyika to prepare to watch DeMbare play such teams as Chegutu Pirates and Al Buraak in the Norther Region Division One next season.

Wilson Mutasa,Milton Ncube ,Dominic Mukandi and Irvine Tafirenyika
Wilson Mutasa ,Milton Ncube,Dominic Mukandi and Irvine Tafirenyika

“Places like Pfupajena Stadium and Ellis Robbins School will be the ones you will be frequenting my brother, forget about Rufaro,” Mutasa chided his barber.

“I wonder which PSL team he will be supporting if Dynamos are relegated. I hear Denver (Mukamba) has been missing so this guy can get Denver’s license and try to save Dynamos,” chipped in Ncube.

Replied Mutasa: “He is my barber since my days at Dynamos and I have been telling him that he should support Caps United if he wants to be happy, because on Sunday we are going to add to their woes,”

Tafirenyika, who prides himself in attending to players such as Khama Billiat, Brett Amidu and Mukamba, took it all within his strides.

“It has been a difficult week for me, the Caps United players have been making fun of Dynamos’ situation, but there is nothing I can do since they are my customers.

“I am just hoping that Dynamos will give me something to smile about,” he said.

Away from the Harare Derby banter, Tafirenyika revealed that soccer players believe their form on the field of play can be affected by the hairstyles they take on to the pitch.

“These players believe that the haircuts have got some kind of influence on their match day performance. Mostly when they come they say, ‘Mudhara ndirovei inondipinza muform (Give me a style that will get me in form),” said Tafirenyika.

“When Mukamba came for a haircut ahead of the first Harare Derby, I told him that the hairstyle that I had done on him was going to give him luck and he believed me. He decided the Harare Derby with the only goal of the afternoon.”

Mukandi concurred with his barber.

“It’s all about feeling confident, a hairstyle that gives you confidence brings the best out of you as a player,” said the Caps United defensive midfielder. Sunday Mail.

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