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Ginimbi ventures into car hire

By Bridget Mananavire

Businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, whose car fetish is undoubted as he claims he does not even know how many cars he owns off-hand, is now venturing into the luxury car hire business so that he can gain something from the vehicles.

Controversial socialite and businessman Genius Kadungure
Controversial socialite and businessman Genius Kadungure

The flamboyant socialite, who calls himself a trend-setter, has never hidden his love for top-of-the-range vehicles, never missing a moment to show off his new acquisitions every time he acquires one.

On hiring offer among his glorious fleet, will be eight cars, two from his Rolls Royce collection, three Bentleys, two Range Rovers and one Mercedes-Benz 2018 G63, which he said he will be collecting in November.

“It’s a new thing that we are starting, we will be offering chauffeur-driven services. The cars will only be driven by us, we are not going to be releasing the cars to anybody.

“We have decided to hire them out because I cannot just be parking them. I am always getting calls from people wanting the cars and I just can’t give them out for free because of the value I have put in them,” Ginimbi told the Daily News.

“And with me I only enjoy a car when it’s new and after that I get a new one because new ones will have been released. So I can’t just look at them. And our target market is those who want to hire them for weddings, or those who just want to drive up in style for meetings and whatever but do not have the cars at the moment, and also for those coming into the country.

“I’ve travelled a lot and there are some hotels that have these kinds of vehicles. It’s something that we are still shaping up but we would also want to partner hotels.”

“I’ve too many cars, you know I am also resident in Botswana, and also in South Africa, I have cars there as well. I just can’t look at them but for me to say how many I have I would need to sit down and do the math for you.”

The 34-year-old has been starting up new businesses this year, adding on the gas business that he has.

He this year opened a new night club and also ventured into artistes’ promotion, hosting a number of musicians.

On the entertainment scene, he has been more open about his life and engaging with his “fans”, launching a live Instagram daily session where he says “My life, your TV”. DailyNews