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‘Stonyeni means love’

By Tonderai Zvimba

Fast-rising Zimdancehall musician, Jah Signal, who was in Bulawayo last Friday where he performed at Zansibar, said his popular tagline stonyeni refers to love.

Jah Signal in the video for the song "Sweetie"
Jah Signal in the video for the song “Sweetie”

This comes at a time when many had been pondering and speculating the meaning behind the singer’s catch phrase in the song Sweetie (Shinga Muroora).

The track, which has taken the showbiz industry by storm because of its catchy lyrics, has had its meaning changed and turned vulgar by many.

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As the song which encourages women to stay strong in marriage starts, Jah Signal sings Ngicel’istonyeni. This, he explained briefly, refers to love.

“Stonyeni means love,” Jah Signal explained briefly before being mobbed by fans.

The musician, who performed in Bulawayo for the first time, had fans on their toes.

His set was completed by his dancing dexterity which wowed the crowd. His crowning moment was when he performed Sweetie which the crowd sang word for word.

2018 seems to be Jah Signal’s year as the video for Sweetie reached a million views on YouTube last week. The video that was uploaded a month ago has been well received by many Zimbabweans and has become an anthem at most parties, bars and weddings.

Commenting on the video, Jah Signal said: “I’m very happy and proud of the support that Zimbabweans have shown to me. I’m really shocked by the way the song has gone viral but I want to urge all my fans to continue supporting me.”

Jah Signal said he was now preparing to launch his Jaya album next month. The Chronicle