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Zoey relocates to South Africa for a month

By Vasco Chaya

After leading dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda left lasting impressions in South Africa during her six-month stay in that country, Mzansi promoters are now after dancers from Zimbabwe.

Raunchy dancer Zoey Sifelani and entertainer Brown Sugar on the set of their controversial Muzvambarara video
Raunchy dancer Zoey Sifelani and entertainer Brown Sugar on the set of their controversial Muzvambarara video

This comes after club owners who hosted The Sexy Angels boss’ stay in South Africa also extended an invitation to Zoey, pictured.

“I will be performing in South Africa for close to a month. I am promising to continue raising the Zimbabwean flag high across the Limpopo,” the Addictive Red Angels founder said.

Zoey, revered for initiating Bev into pole dancing, will leave for South Africa on Thursday with her five-member band.

“I will take the opportunity to showcase both my dancing and singing skills as well as to promote my beer and water brands,” Zoey said.

Zoey, 29, is known as the goddess of pole dancing in the country. She learnt the trade in South Africa in 2008.

Zoey, who once served in Roki’s band as a dancer, said she was born a dancer.

“I used to dodge lessons to dance while I was still in high school before I joined the Addictive Dance group at the age of 17,” she said.

In a recent interview with this publication, Bev said the South African market is better than the Zimbabwean one.

“In South Africa, I usually stage seven shows per week. Unlike in Zimbabwe where we perform for at least four hours on stage, in South Africa the performances range from 20 minutes to an hour.

“Dancing in South Africa is rewarding though there is no freedom at all. I filled up joints and the development made me a darling of many promoters there.

“This development gave fellow artists the guts to fuel rumours that I used juju to lure crowds. I was confronted by a number of dancers and Djs in South Africa over the issue,” the-mother-of-one said.

But Bev shrugged off the juju allegations saying hers was pure talent.

“I am just a good dancer, nothing else. Of late, I was worried as more and more South African dance groups were copying my dancing skills.

That put a lot of pressure on me as I was striving to remain outstanding,” she said. Daily News